Research Ideation Forums

Goals & Mechanics

  1. To foster collaborative research community-building in emerging thematic spaces.
    Theme leaders develop ideas for grand challenges and invite cross-disciplinary participants. This encourages more secondary and tertiary connections, which may have broader benefits beyond just the primary ideas of the idea leaders.
  2. To develop roadmaps for federal grant proposal preparation and submission.
    Theme leaders work with their teams and Lewis Burke Associates to identify multiple federal RFPs that may be aligned with the themes discussed.
  3. To encourage bold and disruptive research thinking for potential foundation support.
    If the ideas discussed are too broad and futuristic to fit in with an existing federal RFP but still have thematic relevance, the Rutgers University Foundation team will try to scope out connections for a pitch to private foundations.

The first Research Ideation Forum took place on May 11, 2018. The primary areas of focus were data sciences; advanced materials; and the microbiome and human health.

The second Research Ideation Forum took place November 16, 2018.  The primary themes of focus were Planetary Stewardship; Energy & Catalytic Processes; and Computational Medicine and Synthetic Biology/Biomedical Devices.

The first Research Forum in the Humanities, New Horizons for Research in the Humanities and the Arts, took place on March 29, 2019. The primary themes were Public Writing, Race and Region, Environmental Humanities, and Arts of Research.

The VCRI's office and Research Deans will provide additional guidance and proof-of-concept support for developing large research proposals based on ideas discussed at these forums. Learn more about the process for requesting support.