The VCRI Team

The Office of Research and Innovation advances Rutgers research by creating an environment where field-defining research can flourish.

Office of Research and Innovation
Old Queens Building
83 Somerset Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
p. 848-932-5200

Prabhas MoghePrabhas V. Moghe, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
Distinguished Professor

As VCRI, Prabhas Moghe is the Chief Research Officer for Rutgers–New Brunswick, whose goals are to catalyze and support research and innovation across a wide spectrum of disciplines, including the humanities and arts, social and behavioral sciences, mathematical and physical sciences, life sciences, engineering, business, social work, communications and information, education, public policy, environmental and biological sciences. Dr. Moghe was recently named Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs. The Office of the Provost will continue to host the Office of Research and Innovation beyond July 2019, which will allow the research and innovation projects to continue to be supported and catalyzed while growing the interface between academics and research at a first-tier research university like Rutgers.

Henry TurnerHenry Turner, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research in the Humanities and Arts

Henry Turner brings more than two decades of commitment to humanities scholarship that weaves together the enduring questions of literature, art, history, and philosophy with the conceptual richness of science, technology, and mathematics.

James WalshJames Walsh, Ph.D.
Senior Program Director for Innovation

James Walsh spearheads new innovation initiatives and helps build the innovation ecosystem within Rutgers and with the university’s strategic partners. He works closely with schools across all areas on new programs and initiatives to support faculty.

Marika DunnMarika Dunn, Ph.D.
Program Manager for Research Ideation, Training, and Development

Marika Dunn develops and strengthens collaborative linkages among faculty across disciplines to help catalyze new research projects through thematic research ideation forums and other channels. She also works closely with staff in the research development office of ORED and the Rutgers University Foundation to help faculty teams navigate new research concepts through to federal, state, and private funding opportunities.